Bankoi WebHosting Control Panel Features

Mutli Level User Access and ACL Accounts Manager
Easy Server Migration Automatic Billing & Every Gateway Support
Multi-language Support Domains Manager (IIS Manager)
DNS Manager Statistics Manager
Mail Manager FrontPage Manager
Customizable Skins System Manager
Database Manager and ODBC Manager Scripting Manager

The WenHosting Control Panel works on three tier user access model:

Hosting Administrator: The owner of the hosting server.
Reseller: A reseller for the hosting service provided by the Hosting Administrator .
Web Admin: A customer of the reseller that makes and uses websites on the hosting server.

Server Migration:
Bankoi WebHosting Control Panel enables you to import existing non-Bankoi WebHost Panel users into your system.

Bankoi WebHosting Control Panel gets the list of users from the operating system, and you can state whether they will be created as a Reseller or WebAdmin account, what Reseller account the user will appear under, and what unlimited hosting plans the user will use.

▪ Import Existing NT Accounts into Bankoi WebHosting Control Panel
▪ Import Existing IIS Websites into Bankoi WebHosting Control Panel
▪ Import Existing Site Data
▪ Refer the HostAdmi

Multi-language Support:
One major barrier to widespread access to the Internet is the language barrier. English has been the de facto language of the Internet. This is a major disadvantage. considering, China, which along with Korea, and Japan, is home to almost half of humanity. Thus, there is a great demand for localization of web hosting control panel and regional language interfaces.

▪ Our cheap VPS server hosting is supporting seveal languages including English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, and French. ▪ Language Packs are absolutely FREE!.

Accounts Manager:
Powerful and unique Account Manager with rich management features.
▪ 3 Levels of Users - HostAdmin, Resellers & WebAdmin.
▪ Add/Edit/Delete Reseller or WebAdmin User Accounts.
▪ Add/Edit/Delete FTP Accounts.
▪ Edit Account Profiles (Address, E-mail etc).
▪ Change Account Passwords.
▪ Allocate Hosting Plans to Accounts.
▪ Suspend/Activate User Accounts.

Domains Manager (IIS Manager):
Multilevel control of Internet Information Server (IIS).
▪ Add/Edit/Delete Domains.
▪ NAT Support.
▪ Add/Edit/Delete Sub-Domains.
▪ Add/Edit/Delete FTP Sites and Users.
▪ Support for Name-Based (Virtual IP) as well as IP-Based (Dedicated IP) Hosting
▪ Start/Stop IIS Websites.
▪ Add/Edit/Delete Virtual Directories.
▪ Password Protected Directories.
▪ Configure Advanced IIS Settings like Custom Errors, Host Headers.
▪ Set Default Documents.

Mail Manager:
Unique support for multiple mail servers and powerful mail management features.
▪ Support for three mail servers (Imail, Qmail, MailEnable).
▪ Support for Two Free Mail Servers - QMail and MailEnable.
▪ Support for Remote Mail Server on Linux (Qmail).
▪ Add/Edit/Delete Mail Domains.
▪ Change Email Passwords.

FrontPage Manager:
Complete Management of Microsoft FrontPage Extensions.
▪ FrontPage 2002 Extensions Supported.
▪ Install/Uninstall FrontPage Extensions.

ODBC DSN Manager:
Add multiple types of ODBC Datasources with ease.
▪ Add/Edit/Delete System DSN Entries.
▪ MS-SQL, MS Access, Excel and mySQL DSN Types Supported.
System Manager:
Restart Hosting Server.
Customizable Skins:
The skin option allows the user to totally control the looks of the control panel.
▪ Skins in Different Color Variations.
▪ Design Your Own Skins, Give Them to Bankoi WebHost Panel Team and Get Your Skin in Control Panel in Just 24 Hours.
Firewall and Distributed Environment Integration:
Bankoi WebHosting Control Panel is ready for distributed high availability ssd vps hosting farms where integration with multiple servers and existing Firewall is inevitable andd

Automatic Billing (external module) & Every Gateway Support:
Most advanced and complete Billing System. All you need to do is provide merchant account information and that is all. The Auto Billing service will itself determine about the plans that are due on your customers and generate invoices for them. The next obvious action is charging, if the credit card information of your customer is in database (encrypted), service will charge the due amount, otherwise it will mail her the Invoice details.

▪ Support for EVERY Gateway in The World Including PayPal, WorldPay, Authorize.Net and LinkPoint.
▪ Multi-Currency Support
- Ability to Add Your Own Currency to System.
▪ Ability to Turn On/Off Invoicing.
▪ Prorated Invoicing.
▪ Invoices are Settled Against Payment (One-to-one Correspondence).
▪ Customizable E-mail Reminders when Invoice Becomes Due.
▪ Ability to Manually Settle, UnSettle, Mail, Delete an Invoice or Payment.
▪ Automatic Account/Website Deactivation on Non-Payment (Configurable).
▪ Automatic Account/Website Activation After Payment.
▪ Automatic Credit Card Charging When Invoice Become Due (Configurable).
▪ Complete Invoice/Payment Searching Feature. ▪ Complete Transaction Detail Logs for Host.
▪ Automatic Charge Deactivation When Payment Is Declined (Configurable).
▪ Payment Forms for Credit Card Payments. ▪ Detailed Reports for Each Level Of Admin.
▪ Daily E-mail Reports of Invoice/Payments.
▪ Customizable Welcome E-mails, Invoices for Resellers.
▪ Printable Invoices.
▪ Neat Interface, Improved Usability.
▪ Ability to Turn OFF Billing System Completely.

Trouble Ticket System (external module):
Are you wasting a lot of time to manage the support emails?
Are you a reseller and always have to email problems to your host and there is no tracking?
The solution is Trouble Ticket system.

▪ Each Reseller May Add/Edit/Remove Support Categories.
▪ Customer may Raise Support Tickets.
▪ Answer Support Tickets.
▪ Escalate Trouble Ticket to Host Admin.
▪ Email Alerts on Opening/Update/Closing of Support Tickets.

DNS Manager:
Powerful DNS management feature with distributed DNS support.
▪ Support for MS DNS
▪ Automatic DNS Entries on Site Creation (MX, A, CNAME etc).
▪ Web Based DNS Editor(Manage Zones and Records).

Database Manager:
Powerful support for mySQL & MS-SQL databases on both local and remote servers.
▪ Run mySQL/MS-SQL Database on Local and Remote Server.
▪ Add/Edit/Delete mySQL or MS-SQL Databases on Both Local or Remote Server.
▪ Backup and Restore mySQL or MS-SQL Databases on Both Local or Remote Server.

Statistics Manager:
Setup website statistics on click on a button.
▪ Support for WebAlizer and Awstats Statistics
▪ Shipped with Free WebAlizer, Awstats.
▪ Setup & Configure Web Statistics on Click of a Button.
▪ Website Statistics Viewable via Web.

Scripting Manager:
▪ Allow or deny scripting permission on individual websites with single click.
▪ Allow or disallow Microsoft .Net.
ACL Manager:
Manage the NTFS Permissions right from the web using ACL Manager.
▪ Automatic Optimized NTFS security Settings on Folder and Files.
▪ Add/Update/Remove User Rights on Files/Folders. ▪ Tighten Security According To Your Choice.

Life Time FREE Support and Installation:
Too many features may confuse you at first glance therefore Bankoi WebHost Panel comes with Life Time FREE support.
▪ Free 24x7 Live Support over MSN, ICQ, LiveChat, E-mail, support forums, and Telephone.
▪ Installation and Configuration of Bankoi WebHost Panel with a nominal fee of USD 60
▪ Free Installation and Configuration of Additional Software (Mail, DNS etc).